Power Purchase Agreements

The basics:

  • We install a Solar PV system on your property (which can be owned or rented)
  • We maintain and monitor it
  • You purchase the electricity that is generated by the Solar PV system at approximately half of your current rate per kWh
  • In 20 years you will own the Solar PV system, which is likely to continue producing energy for another 10 – 20 years. At the is point the energy it produces is completely FREE

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) allow you to reduce your energy expenditure whilst avoiding large solar installation fees. Simply by leasing your roof space to GD Electrical & Solar for 20 years, your business can enjoy reduced energy costs and increased value of your property. The electricity generated by the system is made available to your business at a lower rate than you would normally purchase from the National Grid.

GD Electrical & Solar design and install the system and provide all of the capital installation costs. The installation is maintained for 20 years and guaranteed for 25. After the 20 year lease has expired, the installation is yours to continue using.

The chart below demonstrates a snap shot of the genuine energy savings possible for your business from just a 30kw south facing system. As you can see the savings start instantly for you in year 1 and grow rapidly with staggering savings by year 30 of £275,579.

Year PV Electricity Generated Per Year Savings (£pa) Cumulative Total of Savings
1 29130 £1,748 £1,748
2 28984 £1,952.10 £3,700
3 28839 £2,171.41 £5,871
4 28695 £2,406.76 £8,278
5 28552 £2,659.21 £10,937
10 27845 £4,220.73 £28,703
20 26484 £9,487.61 £96,988
30 25189 £23,296.07 £275,579
  • Based on 100% usage of solar pv generation
  • Based on average CPI of Electricity over last 10 years of 7%
  • Based on average Retail CPI of 2.5% for the purchase of Solar PV generated electricity
  • Based on starting cost of PPA Electricity of 7p