Solar PV for Commercial Buildings

Solar PV is a reliable and proven technology that has huge benefits for commercial enterprise. These benefits are already being realised by big commercial names such as BMW/Mini, Sainsbury’s, Ikea, Toyota and Bentley to name just a few. Solar panels have been proven to still be working up to 95% efficiently after 20 years and their life span is between 30 – 40 years. So even when Feed in Tariff payments cease the savings will continue on your energy costs.

By purchasing a Solar PV system from GD Electrical & Solar your business will benefit from:

  • Significantly reducing your energy costs by using the green energy that you generate within your business premises
  • Receiving an index linked income from the feed in tariff for 20 years for every kWh of energy you generate whether you use it or not.
  • Reduce your business’ carbon foot print
  • Improve the value of your property by improving its energy performance rating
  • Protect your business from the full effects of future energy cost increases. on average electricity has increased 7% per year for the last 10 years

Feed-In Tariff

Feed in tariff payments are a Government Incentive to encourage the uptake of Solar PV. You receive a payment for every kWh your Solar PV system generates whether you use it within your business premises or not. The payment rate rises with inflation and payments are received for 20 years. Any energy you do not use is exported back to the grid and you may be able to claim the Export Tariff. The combination of energy savings and feed in tariff payments provides excellent returns on investment.

FREE Commercial Solar Options

As an alternative to direct purchase of Solar PV take a look at our no cost Power Purchase Agreement Option. These agreements really do have no outlay or hidden costs for you as a business – only savings!