Feed In Tariff

The Feed in Tariff provides a payment for every kw hour your solar pv system produces. This is paid to you by your electricity provider whether you use the energy in your home or not. Any energy used in your home directly from your panels will also reduce your energy bills. As a rule of thumb in a domestic situation you are likely to use around 50% of what you produce. Click here for the latest Feed in Tariff rate table.

Any energy that you do not use in your home is exported back to the national grid. For this you receive an export tariff of 4.64p per kw hour. Feed in tariff payments are tax free and index linked and are paid to you for a period of 20 years. Your electricity company will ask for the figure on your generation meter on a quarterly basis to pay your feed in tariff and they will estimate your export tariff at 50% of the total generation. However given that electricity costs around 15p per unit from your supplier, you are better off making the best use of the solar energy that you produce within your home. Having a wireless desk top monitoring unit in your home can help you do this, when you see that your system is generating well you may choose to switch on your washing machine or dishwasher for example. If you have an immersion heater you may also consider installing a water heater control unit which will direct any unused energy produced into your hot water. See our page on Water Heating Controls for more information. In total you will receive:

  1. A payment from your electricity supplier for the total number of kw hours your solar pv system generates
  2. Savings on your electricity bill by using the energy you produce from your solar pv system within your home
  3. A payment from your electricity supplier for the energy you send back to the grid

To enable you to claim the highest rate of feed in tariff you will need to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate level D or above for your home or property that the system is providing electricity to. You can now see if your property already holds a current EPC by your postcode on the EPC Register website. GD Electrical & Solar provide these certificates at no additional costs to our quotation. The feed in tariff rate is currently 15.44p per kilowatt hour (a degression of 3.5% is due on 30th June 2013) generated and the export tariff is 4.64p per kilowatt hour sent back to the grid. Due to a massive reduction in system costs Solar PV is and will continue to be a great investment now and even more so as energy costs continue to rise. Call GD Electrical & Solar for a free, no obligation quotation on 01643 702599.

You do not have to claim your feed in tariff payments from your current electricity provider. GD Electrical & Solar recommend using Good Energy as they have demonstrated excellent levels of customer service. At the heart of what Good Energy does is to encourage and develop independent renewable energy generation as they believe it’s the foundation upon which they see a 100% renewable future for the country being built.