Water Heating Control

Heat your water for free via your Solar PV system with a Water Heating Control!

More and more people are getting Solar PV systems installed and instead of exporting the energy they they don’t use back to the grid you can now use it to heat water via a water heater control and as a result lower your energy bills even further!

  • Save on your hot water heating bills
  • Hassle free quick installation by our qualified electricians
  • No site programming or setting up, simply fit and forget

The Water Heater Control units monitors the household power and recognises if the power is being imported or exported. It is a sophisticated device which then automatically switches on the immersion heater only when spare power is being exported, as low as 30 watts. It adjusts the power rating of your immersion to match the available energy being exported. There is also a built in time clock and boost for your water heater. The device also recognises if there is a change in weather conditions and/or other appliances are switched on around the house, it will then turn off the immersion heater, ensuring the water is only heated using the free energy produced from your Solar PV system.

It only takes 5kw hours to heat an immersion tank so why not make the most of your spare solar energy and use it to heat your tank! This does not affect your feed in tariff and your export tariff will continue to be estimated at 50% of your total generation. The more energy you use the better savings you will make!

As long as you have an immersion heater it does not matter if you use oil, gas or electric to heat your water. Any additional power you need to heat your water will work in exactly the same way you have it set up now.